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TCPA Litigator DNC List

We have a research team that actively investigates every TCPA lawsuit. We look up every plaintiff and add every number associated with him/her.

TCPA Lawsuit Costs

  • Average Settlement Cost: $15K plus legal fees.
  • Average Court Costs: $15K plus.
  • Avoiding a TCPA lawsuit: Priceless!

Why TCPA Litigator List?

The intent of TCPA is to stop unwanted and unsolicited calls and to protect people’s privacy. Many attorneys and individuals have abused the regulations to make TCPA litigation a big business. They induce businesses to make multiple phone calls, then sue them for those calls. Because attorney’s fees are not recoverable in TCPA lawsuits, fighting these claims in court can be very expensive, over $10K plus. Most businesses settle for a few thousand dollars than pay the legal fees to go to court. TCPA attorneys know this and are usually eager to settle for a quick payday.

Settling TCPA complaints only encourage more lawsuits. We need to stop feeding these attorneys and individuals. The best way to do that is not to call them in the first place.


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TCPA Updates last week

AddedNumberStatusIs serial?Phone typeFilling date
2019 Mar 133107450...TCPANoMobile2019-02-26
2019 Mar 133129513...TCPANoMobile2019-02-22
2019 Mar 133218482...TCPANoWireless2019-02-25
2019 Mar 133372302...TCPANoMobile2019-02-22
2019 Mar 114068803...TCPANoWireless
2019 Mar 134072368...TCPANoWireless2019-02-28
2019 Mar 114077654...TCPANoMobile2019-05-02
2019 Mar 094145263...TCPANoWireless2019-02-15
2019 Mar 094258362...TCPANoLandline2019-05-02
2019 Mar 134849953...TCPANoWireless2019-02-27
2019 Mar 135022447...TCPANoLandline2019-02-25
2019 Mar 115023674...TCPANoLandline2019-02-15
2019 Mar 135053101...TCPANoMobile2019-02-28
2019 Mar 115188213...TCPANoWireless2019-11-02
2019 Mar 095595549...TCPANoLandline2019-07-02
Total 64. 1 2 3


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