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Why TCPA Litigator List?

The intent of TCPA is to stop unwanted and unsolicited calls and to protect people’s privacy. Many attorneys and individuals have abused the regulations to make TCPA litigation a big business. They induce businesses to make multiple phone calls, then sue them for those calls. Because attorney’s fees are not recoverable in TCPA lawsuits, fighting these claims in court can be very expensive, over $10K plus. Most businesses settle for a few thousand dollars than pay the legal fees to go to court. TCPA attorneys know this and are usually eager to settle for a quick payday. Settling TCPA complaints only encourage more lawsuits. We need to stop feeding these attorneys and individuals. The best way to do that is not to call them in the first place.

How we compiled the TCPA Litigator List

  • For over a year, we have been exchanging TCPA, and internal DNC lists with our lead generation partners.
  • We have a research team that actively investigates every TCPA lawsuit. We look up every plaintiff and add every number associated with him/her. (Many scrubbing services do not do this active research.)
  • We compiled this list to protect our business. We are especially motivated to compile the most comprehensive list possible.

TCPA Lawsuit Costs

  • Average Settlement Cost: $10K (includes legal fees).
  • Average Court Costs: $15K plus.
  • Avoiding a TCPA lawsuit: Priceless.

What You Get

  • The TCPA Litigator List with over 100K Litigator numbers.
  • DNC Complainers List with over 1.4 Million numbers.
  • TCPA Litigator Hot List. The Top 50 litigators and their numbers.
  • TCPA Litigator updates – You can view updates weekly.
List Cost: $1500 In addition to the list, each month receive TCPA updates and monitoring for $99 per month subscription

TCPA Updates and Monitoring Services

Our research team adds several hundred new TCPA litigator numbers every month. New TCPA cases are filed every day. There is always going to be new litigators. Anyone who receives an unsolicited call can file a TCPA lawsuit. Current TCPA litigators can change and/or get new numbers. We monitor hundreds of TCPA litigators. We inform you when these TCPA litigators register new numbers. Our update and monitoring services are a MUST if you want your company to be fully protected.

Better Value than Scrubbing Services

There are many online scrubbing services on the market. Some are quite good. Nearly all of them are not doing the daily research into the TCPA Litigators. Online scrubbing services are expensive. These services charge a monthly fee based on the volume of numbers scrubbed. The average cost is $350 per 100,000 numbers. You are charged extra for additional numbers. With our TCPA list, you can scrub as many numbers as you like as often as you want. There are inexpensive excel add-ins like Kutools and Ablebits Data that allow you to the scrubbing yourself. We have a guide to show you how. It is simple and easy.

What’s at Stake

Last year, US companies paid out nearly $1 billion dollars in TCPA settlements. Dish Network was hit with the largest penalty ever of $340 million. In 2016, there were 4860 TCPA complaints filed and tens of thousands of demand letters. TCPA is serious business. The problem is only getting worse. Every day, companies are sued for making a simple phone call. The 1991 Telephone Communication Protection Act (TCPA), allows anyone to sue for unsolicited sales calls for up to $1500 per call. Because TCPA is big business, many unscrupulous lawyers and individuals are targeting your business. Those companies that choose to fight end up losing tens of thousands in legal fees. Prevention is the best defense. Let’s face some facts. We can’t give up the way we do business. If we were to be 100% TCPA compliant, we’d have to stop using our phones and give up on the most advanced technologies. The attorneys have gamed the system. Unless you want to go back to a rotary dial, you have to get this TCPA Litigator DNC list.


Our company has been in business for 8 years. For 6 of those years, we were never sued under the TCPA. In the summer of 2015, the FCC loosened the regulations that allowed attorneys and individuals to sue B2B calls. Starting in 2016, our company received 3 lawsuits. All of them were frivolous and without merit. My company joined the Federal DNC list. We used scrubbing service. We still got sued. My company took a proactive approach. First, we tried to lobby to get the regulations changed. We found that to be extremely difficult. It will take a few more years. Having the TCPA regulations changed is the ultimate goal. Until then, my company had to do something. Since the same usual suspects are filing most of the complaints, we decided to compile a list of the top TCPA litigators. Our list grew to over 1 million numbers of TCPA litigators and DNC complainers. We realize the list is not all-inclusive. But no list or scrubbing service can be. This is a great start and should eliminate 99% of the possible litigators. To keep the list current, we are continually researching TCPA lawsuits and adding new numbers to the list practically every day.

Additional Services

  • TCPA Compliance ReviewA comprehensive review of your marketing operations by a top TCPA attorney. Review of your website and landing pages for privacy policies for TCPA compliance. TCPA Compliance Opt-in language for all your company webforms Training with your staff to ensure they are acting in accordance with TCPA regulations Auto-dialer strategies to mitigate your TCPA risk.
  • TCPA Demand Letter ResponseOne of our TCPA attorney’s will draft a potent response to your TCPA litigator.
  • TCPA Complaint AdviceIf your company has been served, it is time to get professional TCPA help. Our TCPA attorney referral service can help you get the best legal advice for your situation.
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5% of the funds collected will go to the TCPA Defense Fund to pay of lobbying efforts to reform the TCPA Regulations.

Disclaimer: Our company has identified over the past 2 years over 1 million of the top TCPA offending telephone numbers. The list will significantly lower your company’s risk to TCPA claims. By buying this list, our company is not indemnifying you or your business nor does the list guarantee that it will protect you 100% from any and all TCPA complaints, lawsuits, and demand letters. No lists or scrubbing services can do that.*