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To protect your business from TCPA violations, demand letters and lawsuits. TCPA related incidents incur huge legal fees. Settlements and legal fees can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars and not to mention the emotional stress. With our TCPA Risk Mitigation Service, you can call with confidence.

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Our online phone scrubbing portal can verify your calling list phone numbers.


All new TCPA cases filed every month are constantly being added to our database.

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We offer the most comprehensive TCPA litigator list with the most advanced proprietary technology in the TCPA phone number suppression industry. Online Enhanced Phone Scrub Real-time Endpoint API: The fastest API in the industry for your dialer and databases. Phone Number Verification and line type determination Name Recognition Algorithm (Proprietary) Single Number Look Up Daily Updates Monday-Frida

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About Us

We formed the TCPA Litigator List to be the most comprehensive and technologically advanced phone number suppression company in the industry. In 2018, our sister company engaged in B2B lead generation was hit with a five-million-dollar class action over two phone calls to a professional TCPA Litigator. For eight years, our sister company never received a complaint. With the proliferation of TCPA lawsuits, starting in 2015, we started to get sued. We tried various phone scrubbing services. They were expensive and largely inadequate. Many of these phone scrubbing companies compiled the phone numbers listed in the lawsuits and not the all the phone numbers registered and/or associated with the TCPA litigators. Our company believed we could build a better TCPA list service with more advanced technology. Our goal has been to provide the maximum protection against all the known TCPA litigators in the United States. In 2019, we began compiling TCPA troll phone numbers. (TCPA troll is an individual who sends demand letters but has never sued). We are the only company that does that. We also developed our proprietary Name Recognition Algorithm in response to the threat of TCPA trac phone threat. We have the fastest API in the industry. In addition, our company advocates for TCPA reform. We have succeeded in court against a few professional TCPA litigators.

What’s at Stake

Your business could be on the line. Every year, US businesses pay out billions of dollars in legal fees and TCPA settlements. In 2019, Janet Oh closed her Allstate Insurance Agency over two phone calls to a professional TCPA litigator. Since there is no cap on damages, Visalus was hit with a $925 million dollar judgement, the largest TCPA judgment to date.

  • Large Settlements
  • Caribbean Cruise Line: $76 million
  • Capital One: $75.5 million
  • Dish Network: $61 million
  • US Coachways: $49.9 million
  • AT&T Mobility: $45 million
  • Bank of America: $32 million

More importantly are the indirect effects of the TCPA demand letters and lawsuits have, which include breach of contracts and termination of business relationships. The TCPA regulation does not provided a protective veil. All offending TCPA parties can be held in violation. Ask yourself, can your business afford to lose a client over a TCPA violation?


Additional Services

TCPA Compliance Review - A comprehensive review of your marketing operations by a top TCPA attorney. Review of your website and landing pages for privacy policies for TCPA compliance. TCPA Compliance Opt-in language for all your company webforms Training with your staff to ensure they are acting in accordance with TCPA regulations Auto-dialer strategies to mitigate your TCPA risk. TCPA Demand Letter Response - One of our TCPA attorney’s will draft a potent response to your TCPA litigator. TCPA Complaint Advice - If your company has been served, it is time to get professional TCPA help. Our TCPA attorney referral service can help you get the best legal advice for your situation. Call for pricing: 888-812-1619