You get monthly scrub coins package in the beginning of each month with your subscription.

Coins can not be redeemed for cash value.

Buy more Scrub Coins

save 87%

10,000,000 scrub coins

  • Price per Scrub coin: 0.00025$

save 83%

5,000,000 scrub coins

  • Price per Scrub coin: 0.00033$

save 60%

1,000,000 scrub coins

  • Price per Scrub coin: 0.0008$

save 55%

500,000 scrub coins

  • Price per Scrub coin: 0.0009$

100,000 scrub coins

  • Price per Scrub coin: 0.00199$

One phone number scrub = one scrub coin.

Scrub Coin is the internal currency to pay for the various features of this service that match your subscription.
Each subscription holder receives credits up to the amount specified in your subscription.
Your credit score will be updated for the duration of your subscription.
You can buy more credits if you want.
Price can be changed according to open market matters.
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Silver coins

Verification Coins
can be used for Phone numbers verification.

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