Credit packs

You get monthly credits package in the beginning of each month with your subscription.
Unused credits accumulate month after month until used. Credits do not expire unless you cancel your account. Credits can not be redeemed for cash value.
One phone number scrub = one credit.

10,000,000 credits

Price per credit: 0,0001999


5,000,000 credits

Price per credit: 0,0002798


1,000,000 credits

Price per credit: 0,000599


500,000 credits

Price per credit: 0,000798


100,000 credits

Price per credit: 0.0015


Basic Package subscribers receive 100K credits per month. TCPA API Package subscribers receive 200K credits per month.
For those of you who would like to scrub a large amount of data, you may purchase additional phone scrubbing credits as needed.

The Phone Credit Pricing Schedule:
100,000 Credits = $150
500,000 Credits = $399
1 Million Credits = $699
5 Million Credits = $1499
10 Million Credits = $2250

Each phone scrub is equal to 1 credit. You are only charge against the TCPA litigator list and the DNC complainer list. (If you choose both lists for your scrub, you are only charge one credit.) The credits do not expire. Unused credits can accumulate month after month. Credits are non-transferable. Credits do not have any monetary value.